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          Derwei Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Derwei Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Service Hotline: 86-577-61731528
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          About Us

          Dewei Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd., has gone through nearly 30 years of history, to establish an excellent reputation. Continental is located in high-tech enterprises Liu town of Wenzhou City gathering, strategic location, water, land and air transportation is very convenient. The company has a sound R & D base, brings together business and technical elite, dedicated to space research and development and production of hydraulic machinery.

           We have always abide by the "precision first, service first, customer-oriented, with a sincerity to the letter, and sustainable management" purposes. Produced variable axial piston pump, vane pump, gear pump, motor pump, Rexroth hydraulic valves, directional control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, proportional valves and other high-quality automation products, has been widely used for the Hardware , plastics, electronics, home appliances, communications, automotive, batteries, inductors, printing, packaging and other industries.

           Based in China, the world, committed to creating a first-class air hydraulic machinery. Adhere nanny service standards and the "pursuit of excellence, to achieve maximum customer value" quality policy, quality management in order to strengthen ISO9001: 2008 system to focus and actively promote excellent performance management, product quality steadily improved. Products sold in Taiwan, exports to India, Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria and other countries and regions, the user feedback information, has been highly consistent.

           Dulwich people believe: "Cultural branding, brand talent pool, talent and create the future." We also believe that the efforts of people in Dulwich, Dulwich hydraulic equipment, tomorrow will be better. "There are friends from afar", Dulwich growth, without the support of friends and community care, David Chuangjia friends and the community is willing to join hands to create a better future for the machinery industry, the country's meager economic development out of copies the power to return to the community.